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How to Avoid STDs with Jane Bogart, M.A.

Learn about Jane Bogart, M.A., one of Howcast's STD experts, in this video.


Hi. I'm Jane Bogart. I'm a health educator with a specialty in sexuality education, and I have a masters degree from Teacher's College, Columbia University, where I'm currently pursuing my doctorate. And I'm the author of "Sexploration: The Ultimate Guide To Feeling Truly Great In Bed". I wrote this book, because I believe that we are sexual from the time we are born until the day we die, and that who we are as sexual people, how we choose to express our sexuality, how we explore our sexuality, are all things that change through our lifetime, and that the more we can explore it, the better and healthier as sexual beings we will be. I've been working for the past 16 years in higher education, with young people on college campuses doing health promotion work at: New York University, University of California, Santa Cruz, and currently as director for student wellness at Columbia University Medical Center. I've also worked internationally with the United Nations, with their Y-Peer program, training young people in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Arab states, about HIV prevention so that they can go back to their home countries, and teach other young people. I've also been a sexpert on MTV, in true life documentaries, as well as live sexpert on MTV's "First National Sex Quiz". If you'd like more information about me, or what I do, or my book, please go to my website:

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