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How to Recognize, Treat & Prevent the STD Trich

Learn the symptoms of, treatment for, and ways to prevent the STD trichomoniasis (trich) from sexpert Jane Bogart in this Howcast video.


"The first thing to know about Trichomoniasis, sometimes called Trich, is that it affects mainly women and that it's the main cause of vaginitis which is an infection of the vaginal canal. Trichomoniasis is a one-celled organism or a protozoan. The symptoms of Trichomoniasis include a discharge, burning upon urination, tender skin, and also a very potent odor.

If you have any of those symptoms it's really important to get checked out by a medical provider. The good news about Trichomoniasis is that it's completely curable with antibiotics and the antibiotics you need to take the entire course of antibiotics and that would probably be about a ten day course of drugs, and completely cure the Trichomoniasis.

The best way to prevent Trichomonias is to use a barrier method if you choose to be sexually active, and those include latex condoms, dental dams or using the female condoms so you prevent infectious fluids entering the vaginal canal. "

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