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Symptoms of the STD Gonorrhea in Men vs. Women

Learn how the symptoms of the STD gonorrhea (The Clap) differ in men and women from sexpert Jane Bogart in this Howcast video.


Gonorrhea is a bacterial infection which is completely curable, and most of the time in both men and women it is asymptomatic, which means it has no symptoms. So the only really true way to know if you have gonorrhea weather you're male or female is to get tested for it, and the way to get tested for it is through a urine or a swab test. If there are going to be symptoms usually they tend to be more symptomatic in women than in men and it might be a discharge that you see, it may be a burning when someone urinates, it might be a discomfort during penetration, and it might also be a itching or burning sensation. Those are the things that you would look for. One important thing to note is that although gonorrhea is completely curable with antibiotics, if left undiagnosed and or untreated it can lead to infertility in both men and women. And finally, Gonorrhea is very infectious so if your partner has it and you don't use some sort of barrier method when your sexually active, so a condom or a dental damn or a female condom, you're likely to get it from your partner. So if your partner gets diagnosed with gonorrhea you should definitely be tested for it to make sure that you don't have it, and if you do have it that you both get treated at the time as it is completely curable.

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