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How to Make the "9-Ball" Pool Speed Shot

Learn how to make "9-Ball" speed shot from pool trick shot champion Andy Segal in this Howcast video.


"Hi. I'm Andy ""The Magic Man"" Segal. I'm here at Willow Billiard in Hoboken, New Jersey doing some trick shots and pool instruction. So if you're ready, let's get started.

All right, this is a shot from our trick shot competitions. It's a speed shot. We have all these balls lined up along the rail, and along this cue stick. The idea of the shot is to shoot the cue ball two-cushion: one, two. Come down here, hit the cue stick, go into the corner pocket. Now, you may notice these balls are in the way. So before the cue ball gets here, I have to clear all these balls out of the way. I'm going to do that by shooting the one, two, and the three in that pocket, the four, five, and six in this pocket, and the seven, eight, nine, right here.


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