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What Is Military Law?

Learn about military law in this US army basic training video from Howcast with Sergeant Michael Volkin.


Military Law. As a member of the Military you have to abide by both civilian and military law. Military law exists for many reasons. But its most beneficial if someone commits a crime overseas. They wont get prosecuted by that countries laws, rather the military will punish them according. Don't be mistaken if you commit a crime in another country and are out of uniform and are off duty, then the local civilian justice system will be in charge. Military law is U.C.M.J., uniform code of military justice. In basic training you will hear the term article 15, or mast if your are in the Navy or the Coast Guard. Article 15 is a non judicial punishment and is very common actually. Article 15 usually results in a written reprimand or a reduction of pay or rank or a confinement to a certain restricted area. As a general rule of thumb dont do anything wrong and you wont have to worry.

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