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7 Ways to Make Your Drill Sergeant Happy

Learn seven ways to make your drill sergeant happy in this US army basic training video from Howcast with Sergeant Michael Volkin.


Basic Training: Top 7 Ways to Make Your Drill Sergeant Happy: Let's talk about the top seven ways you can make your Drill Sergeant happy. Actually the title of this video is a little false because you can't actually make your Drill Sergeant happy, but let's talk about seven ways you can make him less mad. All right. First of all, no talking. That's the number one thing that gets recruits in trouble. Number two, don't be a show-off. Believe me, no matter how awesome you think you are, your Drill Sergeants don't think you're awesome. All right. Tip number three, do what you're told and only when you're told, even if it's not the best way to do something. Your Drill Sergeant is specifically going to give you instructions that are inefficient. Just do what you're told. Number four, attitude. Leave it at home. It's going to be hard because you're going to be getting yelled at in a way that no one's ever yelled at you before. Tip number five, don't be an Einstein. Don't shout out everything you now. Listening is your best friend at basic training. Tip number six, speak with confidence, even if you think you're wrong. Drill Sergeants like confident answers. Tip number seven, be early. If someone wants you in formation in ten minutes, be there in five. It sounds easy, but you're on a very tight schedule at basic training so it's going to be more difficult than it seems. Follow these top seven tips and you'll be doing about 3,000 less push-ups. You can thank me later.

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