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A Day in the Life of a Basic Training Recruit

Learn what a day in the life of a recruit is like in this US army basic training video from Howcast with Sergeant Michael Volkin.


So what exactly does a recruit do at basic training? Let's review. First of all you are going to be doing fireguard duty, which is not very fun. It's basically you making sure everybody is where they are supposed to be, and it's in the wee hours of the morning, when all you want to do is sleep. And then you are going to have to wake up, after fireguard duty, and do some chores. Cleaning a toilet, washing the floors, whatever the drill sergeant has you do. And then you are going to do your workout routine, either a muscle building day, or a cardio day, but you are going to be working out early in the morning. And then you get your two minute breakfast if you are lucky, and then you start with your morning activities. Depending upon what week you are, you might be going to the rifle range, going to class or practicing D&C, which is drill and ceremony - marching movements. And then another meal, which is a two minute lunch, and then your afternoon activities, which will be anywhere from going to the rifle range, taking combat medic classes, cleaning your weapon, doing a tactical foot march, again it depends what week you are at in basic training that determines your afternoon activities. And then a much needed two minute dinner, and then in the evening you usually spend time preparing your wall locker, getting ready for the next day of classes, and writing letters. You also probably have to do some fingernail and toenail inspections from time to time to make sure that you are being sanitary and you are taking showers. Most importantly, studying what you learned in the day for upcoming tests is usually a good evening time activity. Basic training is full of surprises, but I can guarantee that every minute of every day will be planned for you before you even arrive.

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