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How to Make a Good First Impression during Basic Training

Learn how to make a good first impression during basic training in this Howcast video with Sergeant Michael Volkin.


How to make a good first impression with your fellow recruits and drill sergeants: First of all, be on time for everything. It might be easier said than done, but since you will be so busy make it a priority to be everywhere you're asked on time. If you're late your fellow recruits and drill sergeants are gonna be upset. Another tip, be confident but not cocky. Don't be a know-it-all, you're not gonna be impressing anybody. Most important tip, shut up. Know when to talk and know when to keep your mouth shut. If you have something funny to say don't make everyone laugh, hold it in. Trust me, humor doesn't go over very well with a drill sergeant. They like to be the funny ones. Be positive and enthusiastic. Have a great attitude, pull others' mood up when everyone else is down. That's so very important during a high stress environment. Offer assistance to struggling recruits. You can never have too many friends at basic training. And during any downtime ask a fellow recruit about their family or hometown; everyone will be homesick and it's always good to have a friend talking to you. You want to make friends at basic training, have lots of stamps, it's like currency. Remember, a first impression is hard to forget so use these tips to make sure your first impression is a great one.

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