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What Is Fireguard Duty at Basic Training?

Learn all about basic training fireguard duty in this Howcast video with Sergeant Michael Volkin.


Let's talk about fireguard duty. What is it? You may have heard about fireguard duty, you might have no idea what it is, but regardless of what you may or may not have heard you will be doing it so let's talk about this one. Fireguard duty is not fun. When all you want to do at basic training is sleep you have to wake up in the middle of the night and stand in an empty hall. It's more of an exercise in discipline than anything else so basically two recruits will be awake at all times while other recruits are sleeping. Don't pull pranks on the other recruits while they are sleeping. That doesn't go over very well. The duties include patrolling the housing quarters, cleaning a little bit, watching for fires, uh, watching to make sure all the recruits are in their bed sleeping where they're supposed to be and not going AWOL. After the shift the recruit is to wake up the next person for their shift. Shifts are usually about an hour long. Be careful. There are three main ways you can get in trouble during fireguard duty. Let's review them. Number 1: Many recruits get in trouble with drill sergeants for falling asleep. Very easy to do. Nice warm barracks. Middle of the night 2 am you're gonna wanna fall asleep. Recruits get caught writing letters during fireguard duty too. It's not really the time for that. Also, when waking up a recruit to relieve your shift the relieving recruit doesn't always wait for the other recruit to wake up. So now you've got a recruit who just went to bed. You've got another recruit who was supposed to wake up but didn't and now you've got no one on duty. So follow these tips and make sure that your fireguard shift will be drill sergeant free.

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