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How to Find Free STD Clinics

Learn how to find free STD clinics from sexpert Jane Bogart in this Howcast video.


Getting tested for sexually transmitted infections can be expensive but there are definitely resources that can provide free or, sort of pay what you can type of services. One of the major national ones is Planned Parenthood and you can go on to their website and search for a clinic in your neighborhood or area. Another way to do would be go to, and they will also help you connect to STD or STI testing in your area. They have the phone number for a national STD hotline that may be helpful. Another way to do it is to see insurance-wise, sometimes insurance will cover your testing especially if you symptoms that might be covered. Certain types of STD's are reportable which means that if you are diagnosed with an STD that gets reported to the CDC, and that might be important to know. And you can find that information actually on the Centers for Disease Control website. Another option is if you're a student, if you're in a high school sometimes high schools have school based clinics that provide free or low cost services. And most universities or colleges also have student health centers that provide free or low cost STI testing. It can be scary or awkward to go for testing sexually transmitted infections. You know, one thing is it kind of makes it apparent to people that you're having some sort of sexual behavior, and it might not feel safe or comfortable to go to certain places or certain people for that kind of testing. Places that are family planning clinics or national centers, this is what they do and they do this all the time. And I know for each individual person it may be very daunting, but for them they have a lot of comfort and experience with doing STI testing and that may help relieve some of your anxiety or fear about going for testing.

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