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Hepatitis Myths & Facts

Learn the top myths and facts about the STD hepatitis from sexpert Jane Bogart in this Howcast video.


The biggest myth about hepatitis is it that you will die if you get hepatitis, and that is just not true. Some formes of hepatitis have vaccines that help prevent them, some forms of hepatitis are treatable and some forms of hepatitis will lead to chronic disease but if treated would not cause death. Another myth around hepatitis is that you can't get it through sexual contact and that's not true. Hepatitis B in particular is transmitted through infectious fluids such as seaman and vaginal fluid, also through blood and possibly saliva. Hepatitis C is mainly transmitted through blood so people who shared needles but it's also possible to transmit it sexually. Hepatitis A is usually transmitted through fecal matter and that's those kinds of hepatitis that you get in an unclean restaurant or unclean salad bar or people who don't wash their hands after they go to the bathroom, and although it's not really sexually-transmitted you can get it through sexual contact, if you were to put your mouth in somebody's anus and that person wasn't necessarily clean or washed properly. One final myth about hepatitis is that it's rare and that's not true. Actually hepatitis B is fairly common and the fact that there is now a vaccine for it and that most young people who are at school age get that vaccine sort of speaks to how common it had been and how much energy and time is going in into preventing it.

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