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How to Make the "3-Rail" Pool Kick Shot

Learn how to make the 3-rail kick shot from pool trick shot champion Andy Segal in this Howcast video.


Hi,I am Andy,the magic man Segal.I am here at Willow Billiards in Hoboko,New Jersey doing some trick shots and pooling instructions.So if you are ready let's get started.Alright now we are gonna go over 3 rail kicks.In 3 rail kicks I am gonna take the cue ball around the table three cushions come around to make the 14.Now again I am gonna use running English,cube ball throwing around the left,I use left.Now normally,from this corner pocket to right here which is between the 2nd and 3rd diamond that should take you into the corner pocket 3 rail kick.Every table is going to be different,depends on the weather,the humidity,the heat.Everything's going to be different.So on some tables you may need to adjust that but find your spot.Once you find your spot on the rail,now what I am gonna do is I am gonna keep a piece of chalk there.And I am gonna take that same line from the corner pocket to that chalk and I am gonna get down here and I am gonna look at some distant point in the room.So I have just found some point in the room that's maybe 30 feet away from me.That's the point were I am gonna aim at.Now I don't need the chalk because wherever the cue ball is,doesn't matter.Let's put the cue ball over here.It's definitely not the same line that we were just on.All I have to do,is to take the same spot at the other end of the room and aim at it and if I do,you get a nice 3 rail kick.For wherever I am at the table,aiming at that spot down there you get a nice 3 rail kick.

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