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How Long Is Basic Training?

Learn how long basic training lasts in this US army basic training video from Howcast with Sergeant Michael Volkin.


How long is basic training? The Army or National Guard, which goes through the same basic training regimen, is 9 weeks, with up to a week of processing. The Navy is 7 weeks, with up to a week of processing. The Air Force is 8 weeks, with a week of processing, which is called zero week. And the Marines have the longest basic training, which is 12 weeks. But they only have 4 days of in processing. Dont' forget the Coast Guard, 7 and a half weeks, with another half of week of forming, which is what the Coast Guard calls in processing. Remember, this does not include time you're gonna spend at advanced training, or any kind of specialty school. Taking basic training day by day, and being the best recruit you can be is the best bet for making graduation day come as quick as possible. These times may vary in the future, so, of course, your recruiter will know exactly how long you're gonna be gone.

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