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Basic Training Myths

Learn the truth behind some common basic training myths in this US army basic training video from Howcast with Sergeant Michael Volkin.


"There sure are a lot of myths about basic training. Let's go ahead and review a few.

First the white powder, let me tell you right now the military does not put white powder in the cafeteria water to constipate the recruits, so they won't have to go to the bathroom on the field. I've heard that too many times and it's just not true.

Another myth going to the gym means I'm physically fit. Hey there is no gym at basic training, so why would you go to the gym to prepare. Your going to be doing a lot of core muscle movements that you can do without a gym.

Another myth about basic training drill sergeants can hit me. That's not the case anymore, it used to be the case, but they use many other methods to punish a recruit through verbal reprimands.

Another myth I heard there was no mail at basic training. That's not true, mail call is the best time of day for recruits. It's a time away from you and the drill sergeants to be involved with your loved ones.

Another myth, I'll get to use face books and cell phones whenever I want. If your lucky you may get to use your cell phone once but I would plan on bringing a long distance calling card with you. Because more then likely you'll be using a phone card.

I'm going to learn how to kill people, well actually the military has a lot of support roles. In fact it takes about seven support roles to support every one person that's on the front line in the military. So more then likely your job will not be “just to kill people”.

Another myth my drill sergeant wants me to fail. That's not true we all want you to graduate as soon as possible. Hopefully I've dispelled some of these myths that you have heard, and some you haven't.

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