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What Is Mail Call at Basic Training?

Learn about mail call in this US army basic training video from Howcast with Sergeant Michael Volkin.


Mail call will be the best time of the day for you. Its a HUGE morale booster, and will show you that there is an outside world, where people still think and care about you. Tip number one about mail call. Encourage you're friends and families to write letters, and inform them that you won't have access to Facebook, because you won't. Many of you're friends and family won't write you, but don't feel bad. They have no idea what environment you'll be in at Basic Training, and they really can't relate. Mailing letters, cards, and family pictures,even newspaper articles, are okay for a family member to send you. Do not have food,alcohol,gum,pornography,or weapons sent to you. You're only inviting lots of physical exercise from the drill sergeants. Another tip is when sending mail,always encourage a return letter, because, again, mail call's the best time of the day. Bring lots of stamps with you to Basic Training too. Stamps are a great way to make friends. With an inexpensive donation like the price of a stamp, finding friends will be a piece of cake. You can receive as many letters as you want at Basic Training. You're time to write back may be limited,though. Don't write anything in return letters that you might regret later though. Just understand, you're in a high stress environment and you're responses shouldn't upset the person you're writing. I've seen recruits tell their parents they want to commit suicide. I have seen recruits tell their girlfriend they want to marry them. Yeah, a marriage proposal through a letter,pretty romantic,but it happens a lot-I've seen it twice. Mail call will be your daily mental escape to your civilian life. So be sure to write down the addresses to your friends and family before you leave and again, take lots of stamps with you.

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