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Basic Training Exercises

Learn about basic training exercises in this Howcast video with Sergeant Michael Volkin.


  • Step 1: Flutter kicks Do flutter kicks: Laying on the back with your hands tucked under your lower back, raise your legs 6 to 8 inches from the ground and kick them up and down alternately.
  • Step 2: Leg splitters Do leg splitters: In the same position as the flutter kicks, spread your legs out and bring them back together.
  • Step 3: Overhead claps Try overhead claps: Spread your arms out to your sides so your body forms a T shape. Bring your hands over your head and clap them together, bring them back to the starting position.
  • Step 4: Planks Go into the plank: forearms resting on the floor in a sit-up position with your back straight. For an added challenge, use an exercise ball with the plank.
  • Step 5: Toe touches Do toe touches: Starting in a stand position, squat down keeping your back straight and touch your toes--come up and repeat.
  • Step 6: Ski jumpers Try ski jumpers: With your hands on your head, jump from side to side.
  • Step 7: Donkey kicks Do the donkey kick: With your hands on your head, use both feet to kick your butt in a jumping motion with your heels.
  • Step 8: Mountain climbers Try mountain climbers: In a push-up position, simulate running in place.


"Basic Training Exercises

Let's talk about some exercises you're going to be doing in basic training. There is no gym so don't go to the gym to prepare. Let me teach you some exercises you're going to do at basic training to get your mind and your muscles ready.

The first thing we're going to do is called Flutter Kick. So with Flutter Kicks, what you want to do is be on your back and your, your hands are going to be underneath your hips and you're just simply going to flutter your feet about six to twelve inches up in the air. Okay, just like this. Do this for about one minute and you'll feel it in your abs. They'll be really tight.

We can do Leg Spreaders next. Same position (inaudible) on your back and side to side, like that. This is going to help your inner thighs, your legs, your lower back, everything, your core of your body.

Now I'm going to talk to you about Overhead Clasps. It actually seems simply but it's very difficult after about a minute or so. You want to keep your hands out, extended up to the sky, and you're simply going to clap them over your head. Again, even without any weight, it seems easy at first but will get very difficult.

The next exercise I'm going to show you is the Planks and you're going to be very familiar with what a Plank is. You want to get on your forearms and toes like this and simply hold, hold your body weight with a nice straight back. You're going to feel it in your core, in your lower back, your legs, your stomach, everything. It's going to strengthen all of that whole area. Now if you want to make it even more difficult on yourself, get yourself an ab ball, get on your knees and spell the words Basic Training with your elbows, so I'm making a B. Now I'm doing an A and so on. That'll make your body even more (inaudible) micro adjustments to the balancing of the ab ball.

The next exercise is toe touches. Again, it's just like the Overhead Clasps. Seems easy to do but it's not really after about a minute. Start in a position like this, your hands on your hips, toes are forward, your body is straight and all you're going to do is bend over, touch the sides of your heels and come back up like this. This works your legs, even your back a little bit. Basically you're squatting your body weight.

The next thing I want to show you is Ski Jumpers, one of my least favorite exercises, but again, you're going to be very familiar with this in basic training. Your hands are going to be on your head and you're going to jump from side to side. Picture yourself, if you don't have a cone, picture yourself jumping over a cone. You'll go like this.

The next exercise I want to show you is called a Donkey Kick. Nobody's favorite. Put your hands on your head. You're basically going to want to kick your butt with your heels. It's also called Mule Kicks.

Now the last exercise I'm going to show you is the Mountain Climber. This one's tough. You're going to move your feet in and out three or four feet, just like you're running in place. So it's going to be like this and like this. "

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