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How to Increase Sit-Ups by 400% for Basic Training

Learn how to increase your number of sit-ups by 400 percent in this US army basic training video from Howcast with Sergeant Michael Volkin.


Sit-ups - you are definitely going to be doing a lot of these in basic training, so let me show you how to great a great sit-up routine for you. All right first of all what I am going to want you to do is get down on the ground in the sit-up position. In order to do sit-ups it is best to have someone holding your feet. Now this is a typical sit-up from start to finish. Your fingers are interlocked behind your head. That's one complete sit-up. Now this is the routine I want you to do. I want you to go halfway up and halfway down until exhaustion. Now what that does is that builds a certain part of your muscles in your stomach. Then, once you have reached exhaustion, wait a few minutes, and then do the upper half crunches. Do that until exhaustion, ans that's one set. So you've got lower half and then upper half. You want to do that three times. Okay so that's how to do a sit-up and that's a great sit-up routine. Now abs are a little different because you can work them every day. It doesn't require as much muscle recovery time as your other muscle groups. So if you feel like you can do it again the very next day, you are not sore, don't work out when you're sore, if you're not sore with your ab muscles go ahead and do that whole routine again. Next week you might want to up it to four sets, and who knows, if you want even add a small weight or a rock or something safe to your chest, maybe about five or ten pounds, and do some sit-ups that way as well. What you are doing is you are replicating the exact movement that you are going to be doing at basic training, so that also helps with muscle memory retention.

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