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How to Eat an MRE at Basic Training

Learn how to eat an MRE aka Meal Ready to Eat with this US army basic training video from Howcast with Sergeant Michael Volkin.


Now in military were in the field your gonna have to eat meal out of a bag or a called meals ready to eat. Now were actually pretty good nowadays but in the old days they weren't that great they had nicknames that rejected by everyone, meals ready to expel but now their are actually meals they directionally quite good their are variety of flavors here. I have beef achilovies and vegie burger with barbeque sauce let's go ahead and eat the beef achilovies cause i'm not a really vegie type of person so the beef achilovies is the toughest part on MRE is getting them open. What you will always get in this meals ready to eat is a spoon and hot sauce and a desert here's a tip don't eat the desert because they'll gonna take it from you, your gonna be in trouble so you'll gonna get several boxes to be you're main course always side dish ok their is always their's gonna be this package it contains matches, gum don't eat the gum hot sauce and a little bit of coffee. Your almost always gonna get either cheese halloppino cheese or peanut butter and you'll always gonna get one of this. this is your heat bag this is a bag that contains a little chemical at back at you it can heat your food by pouring a little bit of water were gonna do that here in a second so let's go ahead and make heat up the main dish i'm gonna give you a couple of tips on how to heat it up on the best way possible too. So what you wanna do, you wanna open up this heat bag here that it comes with a little in the bag just live it open and slide it in let's see if it's a perfect fit. Make sure it's always in the bottom and you'll see that the heaters are right here and flew this on the front now all you want to do is pour water in it and here's a tip take the box in the cabin and you rip it in half. ok, now your in the field leading this meals comes in hand simlpy put it in, put the half rip the box with food in it and now the reasons why you want it hot if you don't have the box you'll gonna handling this with your hand burning hot so you uses this of kinda like a make ship oven meat then you simply leave it in the palm of a tree and wait for about three to ten minutes to heat it up and the next time your hungry in the field you can only rely on one of this MRE And that's how you eat an MRE.

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