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How to Make the "Over & Under" Pool Shot

Learn how to make the "Over and Under" shot from pool trick shot champion Andy Segal in this Howcast video.


"Hai, I am Andy the magic man Segal. I am here in Willow Billiard Club in New Jersey. In pool kick shots and pool instruction. Now, If you are ready lets get started.

Pool Trick Shots/classic shots: Over and under: Favorite of great pool player in level one is favorite of mine. The bridge across the first time in line. The number hanging, what happens is the ball and Q ball are lined up straight into the corner pocket. About the ball, ball and a half of the portion. What I am going to do is shoot the ball into the 1 and 1 can go under the bridge and 1 can go under the bridge into the corner pocket. The Q balls jump over the bridge, land here. Row back under the bridge and pocket to 9 in the corner pocket. And that's the ""over and under"". "

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