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How to Make the "Butterfly" Pool Shot

Learn how to make the "Butterfly" shot from pool trick shot champion Andy Segal in this Howcast video.


Hi, I am Andy with magic ball Segal. I am here in Willow Billiard Club in huburgh new Jersey. There are trick shots and pool instructions, so have you ready to lets get start it. this shot was exectally invend by a friend mine his name is Steve Morkel. He is probably the youngest trick shot compet right there on the pro tour, the shot here is I gave six ball lined up on the first diamond, the cue ball on the first diamond even this diamond here, and we have two racks with a little bit of wait expending the quarter pocket. The idea is to shoot the cue ball into the quarter packet before get their have to jump over six theis balls in near but I have to jump into over time, so with the actually perform three jump shots holding two cues like this so my jump cues. I have these cues stuck between my fingers and I m gona be jump like this here in cue ball first some one thatNo

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