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How to Control the Direction of the Cue Ball in Pool

Learn how to control the direction of the cue ball from pool trick shot champion Andy Segal in this Howcast video.


"Hi, I'm Andy ""the Magic Man"" Segal, I'm here at Willow Billiards in Hoboken, New Jersey doing some trick shots and pulling structures, so, if you're ready, let's get started.

Alright, so, for this shot, we're going to learn how to control the direction of the cue ball. We have a fairly straight end shot, we want to know where's the cue ball going afterwards. If you remember from the Ghost ball video, the cut shot video, here's the ghost ball, this is where i'm aiming the cue ball. Now you take this tangent line, and this is where the cue ball is going to travel, but, it's only going to travel that way if you shoot it like, a stop shot, now obviously since you're cutting the ball the cue ball's not going to stop but if you have that slide happen right where the twelve is, the cue ball will follow the direction of this tangent line. So let's try that.

Now you notice the cue ball hit right over here.

So let's set that shot up again, and then we're going to talk about altering that line, okay? Here's the tangent line, right to that shaw. Now if I want the cue ball to go in a different direction, i can use either top spin or back spin. If I use top spin,what's going to happen is the cue ball is going to be spinning forward and it's going to push forward on this tangent line, so it's actually going to go this way.

You notice here the cue ball hit at this location, and that with a backspin, you actually can get the tangent line here, it pulls the cue ball back this way, so you can actually get a big difference in where the cue ball goes.

And that's how you decide what to use first look at the tangent line, that's your stop shot, and then if you want to pull it back from the tangent line or push it forward you use top spin, or back spin. "

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