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How to Become a DJ

Learn how to become a DJ in this Howcast DJ video with Rock and Soul DJ School.


First of all, it starts by being a music lover and if you feel you are a music lover, that's a good start. I know there are a lot of people that start off with showing up at to party, listening to music and trying to come up with different mixes in their head, of mixing different genres and mixing different types of music together. That's how it starts, you know. You like, oh I got this idea, it think this song might go with this song, so like you becoming curious right. So it starts off with just the idea of wanting to mix music or wanting to mix various genres of music and then you start focusing on the hardware and the different various types of equipment that's out there. I know when I first started I was listening to the radio, that's what inspired me to wanting to become a DJ, listening to other DJ's. When I first heard Red Alert and Chuck Chill Out on the radio, I was, you know, scratching my head like, you know, what is it that they are doing. How is it that the music does not stop, that the music is continuous? And they are also incorporating some scratching. I did not really understand what exactly they were doing until I kept on asking myself that question in my head which led to meeting some people that actually had some equipment and they actually let me use some of their equipment. And from there, that flame, you know, was sparked inside me where I was just like, this is what I want to do. I want to learn how to use this equipment; I want to learn how to get my ideas out through the speakers so people can hear my mixing ideas and I can actually execute them. If this is something you want to get into, I would start by checking out different sites on the internet. Such as, see what they have, see if there is any specials, see if there is any deals. Don't just jump into it, try to maybe tag along or have a friend tag along with you that knows about the art form. They might be a DJ or a producer and they know about equipment and brands and stuff. I would definitely recommend the classes; I would definitely sign up for some classes. Give it a go, test the waters. If it is something that you definitely feel you have a connection with, by all means, pursue and follow that goal or that dream that you have. And I hope, you know, whoever sees this, if you do decide to take any classes here at rock and soul then I will be able to help you accomplish those goals in a short amount of time.

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