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How to Signal Flow while DJing

Learn signal flow in this Howcast DJ video with Rock and Soul DJ School.


"For this particular rig here, I have 2 identical turntables. I have a mixer in the middle. I have my laptop computer and I have my reference monitor. I want to make sure that the song I have loaded up on the left deck is going to be heard on the headphones and through the reference monitor.

First thing is you want to make sure that your turntables are plugged into the right channels, right? So the left turntable is plugged into a phono channel, which is channel 1. Then the right turntable is going to come out of channel 2, on a phono channel, right? Turntables are always on phono, CDJ's or Ipods or Sarato or Tracker they're always online. You have the cartridge connected to the tone arm. You have your volume up on the gain. You have the volume up on the channel that you're going to play your signal. This signal is coming out to aux out which is connected to my reference monitor. So the way it's flowing, I have my song in Sarato loaded up on the left deck, I have my needle on the record. Once I hit play on the record you'll hear that signal flowing through this channel, channel 1 and then I'll be able to also hear it on my headphones. As I have my cue to the left deck when I raise up the volume and as I raise up the volume for aux out I'll be able to hear the signal coming out through the aux out.

Volume levels, I'm playing my track, I can hear it on my headphones and now I raise up the volume and there goes the volume for the track that I'm playing on the left deck. So understanding the signal flow is the music is coming from the laptop connected USB into the TTM 57 Rane mixer which has Sarato built in. I have my needle on the record, as I hit play the record, that track is playing the signal, I see the LED lights on the mixer that means it's getting signal. As I raise up the volume I hear a signal, it's coming out the aux out, so pretty much it's just understanding ins and outs. And in signal is input, an out signal is output. Understanding what's connected to what and just understanding the overall flow so you can get the signal to come out through the main PA system or personal monitor and also your headphones.

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