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How to Shuffle Genres while DJing

Learn how to shuffle genres in this Howcast DJ video with Rock and Soul DJ School.


"Okay, so this is shuffling genres or genre hopping as I would like to call it. Pretty much you're jumping from genre to genre whether it's Hip Hop going into 80's or R&B going into Rock. A lot of the events I get hired to DJ at, most of them are open format so they want to hear a little bit of everything. They don't want to hear too much of one genre. When you're genre hopping, you want to make sure you're not all over the place, you don't want to play a Hip Hop track, a Disco track, A House track, a Reggae track, a Rock track, an R&B track, a Hip Hop track. You don't want, you want to kind of like pace it and take your time and it definitely has to make sense.

On my right deck I have a Hip Hop track and on my left track I have a Rock track. So, once again this is the Hip Hop track. Cool, so I just went from a Hip Hop track to a Rock track and, if you noticed they're 2 different genres. So that's genre hopping or shuffling genres. So that's what I would do throughout the whole night. I figure out cool ways to transition from 1 genre to the next. When you genre hop what you want to do is you want to follow up and play a couple of songs within that genre and then when you feel like it's time to switch you will do so tastefully.

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