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How to Drop on the One while DJing

Learn how to drop on the one in this Howcast DJ video with Rock and Soul DJ School.


You have to first understand what the one means. It's just meaning the first count or the first beat in a bar, right. So this is the top of the recording, this is where I would like to start from, right. So, okay. So what may aim is is to make a smooth transition on to incorporate a universal cut that most hip hop or R&B DJ's use as a transitional cut. This is called chirping, right. I'm going to chirp the next song, then I'm going to drop on the one, right. So the top of the recording or whatever you choose for the one-two beat, right. So you can listen to the recording, you can drop it from there if that's your one. The one can't just be from anywhere, it's what you start counting from, right. You're going to drop on the one, right. But I'm going to actually go to the top of the recording, all right. One. So that beat, that's the one. This track counting bars, three, four, five, two, three, four, six, two, three, four, seven, two, three, four, eight, twookay? I just dropped on the one. Focus when you're dropping on the one or you're transitioning with scratching or you're releasing on the one count, on that beat, that first beat is for it to be on time, that is the golden rule is make sure your release is on time. Make sure the transition is clean, and make sure that the transition makes sense because you don't want to just throw on anything.

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