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How to Cue a Record as a DJ

Learn how to cue a record as a DJ in this Howcast DJ video with expert Rock and Soul DJ School.


So this is how you cue a record. First, you need a record. Place the record on the turn table, grab the head shell by the head shell handle, and what you're looking for on the record are the grooves, alright. The thick--the thicker--grooves indicates where a song begins and where the song ends. Place it on the record. Make sure the actual headphone cue is to the left because this is a left signal on the turntable. Press "play" on our turntable. I hear the signal on my headphones. You'll want to cross the fader over to the left deck and as I raise up my volume, this is what I'm listening to. Okay, so that's the beginning of the recording. If I want to increase the volume, I'll just increase the volume of my output, or the volume of the gain. Move the record forward or back until you get to the beginning of that recording. That's the beginning of this recording right here. And make sure you here it in your headphones, which I do. And that's pretty much - pretty much how you cue up a record.

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