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How to Get Started at Home as a DJ

Learn how to get started DJing at home in this Howcast DJ video with Rock and Soul DJ School.


If you're a home DJ and you want to figure out how to get crackin' you can pretty much invest in a basic DJ set-up where there's turntables, CD-Jays or all in one unit. Get yourself a nice powered speaker so you can bypass using an amplifier and all this unnecessary cables. If you're using CD's, keep your CD's in order, put them in a CD booklet. Keep them nice and neat, make sure they don't get scratched and also make sure you take care of your vinyl collection as well. Put them back, put them in their jackets after use, make sure you clean your records, clean your CD's. If you're using a midi controller with software, take out the time to understand your software, fully you get to know the library of music that you have and just practice. But, that's a basic setup, say the scenario is you just purchased two turntables and a mixer, set the two turntables up with your mixer, powered monitor. If you're using a laptop, your PC or your MAC, you set that up with whatever program you purchased and you're ready to go. It's pretty much that simple. This one was a bit more difficult than the many others I've transcribed for you in the past. It was hard to tell when he began a new sentence or was continuing on with the previous one.

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