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DJ Tutorial for Beginners

Learn how to DJ like a pro in this Howcast DJ video with Rock and Soul DJ School.


"D.J Tutorial For Beginners
If you're curious about the D.J art form definitely feel free to also maybe
sigh up for a class. I instruct a class here at ""Rock and Soul"". You can come
in and schedule a day for you to give it a little test run. And then ask yourself
if this is something that you want to pursue. If the answer is yes, then there's
tons of people here and maybe you might have some friends that can help you out.
To give you a more in depth breakdown of what it takes to be a D.J.
It definitely involves a lot of practicing, research and organization. One of
the first things that I teach in the beginners lesson out here at Rock and Soul.
Is focus on counting bars because it's very important to know how to do that first.
Starting out if you don't know how to count bars you're probably going to be lost
with keeping time. Lost with just understanding when to start you're mix and when
to exit out of you're mix.
So I have a song loaded up on my left deck here and pretty much on counting
bars you're going to start off on ""the one, one, two, three, four"", ""two, two,
three, four"", ""three, two, three, four"", ""four, two, three, four). If you notice
that's four bars of music that we just counted. And I counted to the beat and you
want to also say to yourself the bar that your in. You don't want to count ""one, two,
three, four, one, two, three, four"", and so on and so forth.
Because if you're not paying attention, you'll definitely lose track of which
bar you're in. ""one, two, three, four"", two, two, three, four"", three, two, three,
four, four, two, three, four"". That's four bars of music that's how you count bars.
That is a very helpful tool to use when planning out your mixes and you're planning out you're blends. Just knowing when to start you're mix, when to exit you're mix,
and to keep a nice steady flow.

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