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How to Pick DJ Software

Learn how to choose DJ software in this Howcast DJ video with Rock and Soul DJ School.


There are various softwares out there, there's virtual DJ, there's Traktor Scratch Pro, there's Stork, there's Serato. From my experience, what I have noticed is, the main tool, commonly used DJ software out there is Traktor Scratch Pro and Serato. I personally use Serato. I'm currently learning how to use Traktor Scratch Pro. It's really a preference thing. I know a lot of beginner DJ's choose to use Virtual DJ and some of them other software that are similar to Virtual DJ out there online and then they end up gradually investing their money into the more professional programs such as Traktor and Serato. Those are the main two programs that professional DJ's are using all around the world. I will recommend to just walk in to a shop and hopefully they have it setup already where you can play around with it and you can compare to see which one offers the most features and which one is user-friendly. Pretty much, when it comes down to DJ software, that's the most important. Is it user-friendly? Do you feel like you'll be able to get the hang of it quickly, so you can start using it right away? DJ software's main purpose is for you to use your MP3's, or your WAV files, or your AIFF files and you can mix music the way you would normally with regular vinyl. Whatever program you're looking for, there's tons of tutorial of nice people, generous people that are actually taking up the time to put up videos, such as this one, where they just give you advise on what you can and cannot use or what you shouldn't use. But at the end of the day, it's really up for you to decide.

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