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How to Beat Juggle

Learn how to beat juggle in this Howcast DJ video with Rock and Soul DJ School.


"How to Beat Juggle
Beat juggling, what you're doing is you're manipulating the recording.
You're rearranging the sounds, or you're rearranging what was recorded on the
record you're replacing the kick with the snare, or you're creating your own
music with the music that was recorded on the record or on the c.d. You can
slow down the recording, you can speed up the recording, you can 'yoop', parts
of the recording by dropping out the volume or crossing over the theater.
It all depends on what you choose to do. You notice I have these stickers here
on the record? This is just to indicate where I'm at on the recording. As the
sticker rotates clockwise on the vinyl that allows me to pinpoint where each sound that I'm actually trying to target is located right? This is how the track
sounds. And I'm just going to have fun with it. Now I'm just going to create
different rhythms.
Markers, right!, this is what allows you to determine where you are in that
recording. So as it travels clockwise around the record you can pinpoint what
sounds you want to zone or target. That's the 'kick', that's the 'high hat',
snare, kick, high hat, snare. Pretty basic. I know for beginners you're probably
like, ""okay, yea this is not basic"", but it is as long as you understand what
you're doing.
Just remember the sounds, and playing around with the timing. But it still
has to be on beat. You know that's pretty much it. So that's ""Beat Juggle"".

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