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How to Use a Midi or USB Controller

Learn how to use a midi controller or USB controller in this Howcast DJ video with Rock and Soul DJ School.


The MIDI controller that I'm using, That I... My choice, is made by Novation. It's called the Dicer. This is a controller, a MIDI controller, that I use with Serato. This allows me to use, or to access, my cue points, to create cue points, to create loops, and also, pretty much, I can make it do whatever I want it to do. So that was really cool about MIDI devices. You can customize the buttons to do whatever it is that you - to control whatever functions you want them to control. For those that know what Dicers are, and are still trying to figure out how to use the Dicers, it's USB-powered. Plug the left controller into the computer. Then you'll just connect... This is an 1/8 cable, and, I think, from one controller to the other, so this controller on the right gets powered by this cable. OK. And I have a song already loaded up on the left deck here, and you look at the screen: I'm going to hit the first pad. You notice a cue point was set that easy. To play the song, I can go into the next bank and I can do, like, these stutter rolls, or, like, these short little loops, where I can just mess around with the timing of the song, so I'll just play that. So... Create a loop. Exit out of the loop, go back to the top of the song. So, pretty much, you can do anything with a MIDI controller. If you have a MIDI device, you can just, if your program allows you to do so, multiple programs will, especially DJ programs such as this one. So, this MIDI controller that I'm using, which is known as the Dicer, it's amazing, because I just love the fact that it's so customizable. I can pretty much get it to control various functions in Serato. And that goes the same for any MIDI controller that you choose to use with Traktor, Serato, or any of the DJ software that you... Or Ableton Live, whatever it is that you're using, there's a lot of MIDI controllers that you can assign to do whatever it is that you want them to do.He could have said, "This is an 1/8 cable", or "This is an eight-inch cable". On the previous video about training dogs to fetch and retrieve, I wrote [xx] for an inaudible part which (presumably) was the dog's name.

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