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How to Use the DJ Software Serato

Learn how to use the DJ software Serato in this Howcast DJ video with expert Rock and Soul DJ School.


"This is how to use one of the most popular DJ software's out there, known as Serato. This is what I use for professional use. First of all you've got to figure out if you're going to use vinyl or CD players or the CDJ. I personally use vinyl turntables so the program comes with the vinyl controller. If you're CD players of the CDJ's then the program also provides the CD controllers. This is what allows you to pick up the signal from the program. This particular mixer that I'm using is the Ring TTM 57, it has Serato built in the mixer.

It has a USB port so I'm connecting directly from the mixer to my laptop. I'm using a Mac Book Pro and I'm running a Snow Leopard, that's the operating system that I'm using on the Mac Book Pro. So I'm going to plug in the USB, if you notice once I opened up the program, the program provides you with a player. This allows you to go through your crates, as you see on the left, and within each crate I have music, I created a playlist.

So now the song is loaded, I held down the shift key and the left arrow and that allowed me to load up the song. As you see on the player it shows you the wave of the song and this white line here is the indicator of where you're at in that song. I'm going to plug in the USB so you can see the full screen of what the program looks like.

I plug in the USB, give it a second, that's the full program right there. You see this track that I loaded, I loaded on the left deck or the left player. There's different ways you can actually look at the waves. You can choose to use the vertical display or the horizontal display. A couple of other displays are available.

This is how you will create a cue point, it's simple you just pretty much, place your needle, if you are using a turntable, place the needle on the record, you can move the wave by moving the record. And you just bring the wave, see that white line? So, you can set it 2.5 by just by pressing this plus sign here, you can get rid of hitting the x. You'll see a green, a green shade that appears and you select when to punch out and it will repeat. There's your loop, so when it's a solid green color that means that the loop is activated.

If you would like to actually try to give it a go and give it a little test run you can come to your local record store, like Rock and Soul, walk in and speak to one of those sales reps and hopefully they can set it up for you and give you a more in depth breakdown on how to use the program. Hopefully you'll get to enjoy using this program as much as I do.

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