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Popular DJ Music for Parties

Learn the most popular DJ music for parties in this Howcast DJ video with Rock and Soul DJ School.


"Popular D.J Music for Parties

First figure out what kind of party it is that you're getting booked to spin.
And what is it that they want to hear. It can range, old music, new music
everything in between. So you definitely have to understand what crowd you're
going to face. If it's a top forty commercial club. What the age range is like
you know, twenty one to like twenty six or twenty seven. I'm not going to play
anything that's too old that they might not remember or they might not know about
Even though, I will try to incorporate some music that I feel that they should
know about. But I'll try to usually keep it current because that's what they want
to hear. So whatever is on the radio you can pretty much more or less try to
track those songs down. You can also go on line and check on various sites.
I pretty much do all of the above. I'm like always searching, trying to stay on
top of it all.
And asking my fellow D.J friends ""hey what are you playing right now, what's
popular in the clubs right now""? That I might not know about or just haven't
heard yet. You can also try to build relationships with people from various
record labels. Now days it's a lot easier, you can pretty much just have them
e-mail promo copies of songs that haven't really broke the charts yet. That are
going to require some time to become really, really popular. But you know they're
on their way
No two parties are the same so definitely keep that in mind. What ever worked
for your last party may not necessarily work for the next party. So you don't
want to get in to a routine. You don't want people to predict what the next
record is going to be."

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