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How to Make a Cupcake Cake

Learn how to make a cupcake cake from Essential Cakes pastry chef Etwin Gordon in this Howcast video.


So usually people will use a cake for their birthday party and decorate that. A great idea instead of a whole cake, you can do cupcakes. So you can maybe bake a dozen or two dozen. You can out it together either in a round shape or a square shape and the what you can do is decorate the entire cupcake as one entire cake. That way when you're ready to blow out your candles, all the kids can just pull one cupcake apart and eat it. You don't have any clean up, anything to worry about, you're done. You can decorate your cake just as you would the top of a regular, let's say eight inch cake. You can ice it across the top, and then you can give it a nice border, you can decorate it, put some sprinkles on it, you can put just abut anything on it just like you would a normal cake top. But this way it can just be pulled apart and this will make for great fun for the kids.

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