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Best Birthday Cake Toppers for Kids' Birthday Cakes

Get some great ideas for kids' birthday cake toppers from Essential Cakes pastry chef Etwin Gordon in this Howcast video.


"Ideas for Birthday Cake Toppers

Some great for your cake toppers for your birthday cakes. Now if you're doing a cake for a boy and he's into sports, there's a whole array of things that you can get and you can pick these up at any of your local craft stores or a cake decorating store. You could put together a nice basketball themed cake. We have a soccer, some goalie nets and some soccer men. If you're into football, have our field goals and some picks, some little football men. If your kids are into animals, are animals that you can also get. There's just about any animals so you can put that together. Then for your little girl, if you're doing a princess cake you can purchase these as well, a tiara and a little wand. Again, at any craft store or any party store you can get that. If you're looking to add some balloons or you can even make the little clowns and you can make the bodies and stick the heads into them. That's a great idea for a birthday cake. If you're into flowers and you don't know how to make your own flowers, then you can buy them. You can buy them ready made. You can get them in a whole bunch. You can get individual flowers. They're made in just about every color and these are great ideas for your birthday toppers for your cakes."

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