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10 Best Cake Decorating Tools

Learn about the 10 best cake decorating tools from Essential Cakes pastry chef Etwin Gordon in this Howcast video.


"So the basic tools for a cake decorating are, umm especially if you're gonna use sponge dough of course we need a spin table, and you can use a rolling pin.. umm You can use a rolling pin of any kind. It doesn't really matter. This is a combination of sponge dough and confectionary sugar. Basically we use it on the table so that when you're rolling your sponge dough it doesn't stick to the table. This is a smoother and what it does is, once you've applied your sponge dough to your cake you want to use this to smooth it out. It also gets out the air bubbles if there are any and giver your cake a nice smooth finish.So we'll see how to use it later. And this is a tool that i love using. You can use any pizza roller but i like this one cos it has siix rollers on it so its great for making ribbons and bows and for cutting mouthable stripes a set of one at a time.So this a great tool. You need a knife thats just for cutting your cake even and for evening your cake out. I like to use a pen knife mmm cos it has a really nice sharp edge and gives you a nice clean cut. If you dont have one of these, you can get it from any craft store or baker suppliers store. these are just the cup holer tubes that you can get from any cake decorating store. It just helps you to make indentations in your sponge dough and this one has some lines in it. If you wanna make some lines on your cake you can use this. There are lots of these and they

have different purposes. So you can use it for just to buy anything. And then most people make a glue for their sponge dough i find that water with a paint brush works just as fine just a little bit on the sponge dough and that'll help you to stick your decorations. Or you can use just a little bit of icing.So these ar most of the general basic tools you need for decorating."

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