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How to Prepare Fondant for a Soccer Ball Cake

Learn to make a soccer ball cake for a kids' birthday party from Essential Cakes' Etwin Gordon in this Howcast video, part 3 of a 7-part series.


We've carved out soccer ball cake into a nice round shape and we put it back into the refrigerator to cool while I prepare the fondant. I'm gonna use a white base to cover our soccer ball. Just gonna put a little sugar and corn starch on the table. And we're gonna give our fondant a little knead. And now that we've softened it up a bit, gonna take our large roller. And whipping it a little out our fondant. And just wanna turn the fondant so we have a nice even kneading on it. Ok I think this is wide enough. So we'll retrieve our soccer ball out of our cake and we'll cover it with fondant.

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