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How to Decorate a Soccer Ball Cake with Buttercream Frosting

Learn to make a soccer ball cake for a kids' birthday party from Essential Cakes' Etwin Gordon in this Howcast video, part 6 of a 7-part series.


i am gonna color a little green umm.. butter cream to finish off our soccer cake. i'm gonna use it to make sone grass as well as the lines. To finish off the cake, you can add colouring as much as you want it. ummm u start off generally with just a little bit. And you just want to put it in a container or a jar or a bowl. Just mix it together with the spatula. And again you can add as much colouring as you like. Then dark green you want your butter cream. The person has to be sure that the cream is dark enough to be a glass colour. So, i'm gonna give that a good mix. So, we've added the green colouring to it. This is about how i like it. You can also add more coloring the darker you want it. But i think this is good enough for a grass and the lines for a soccer ball cake. So, i'm going to.. sorry.. take a regular piping bag and...what i'm going to do is, add some of the green butter cream to this. You always have to fill just enough butter cream in your bag, so u need not apply much pressure through your hand.For this purpose i'm gonna use number 10 tip to create lines in our cake. You can use this for decorating also.Now i'm gonna just put this on. and we're gonna use this piece to secure it in. When you're using butter cream like this, You always want to squeeze, so that you get the air bubble out. Otherwise it'll splash up on your cake. Now what i wanna do is , create the lines. I just want to give it a little different color.So i'm just gonna pipe the icing to cover all of our lines. You dont wanna push it in. You basically wanna just drop it. And i have to create all of these lines and will do this for the entire cake.And now that we finished piping all over the lines. We're gonna give it some grass around it.And we'll be finished.

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