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How to Decorate a Purse Cake with a Fondant Zipper

Learn to make a purse cake for a kids' birthday party from Essential Cakes' Etwin Gordon in this Howcast video, part 4 of a 5-part series.


We have covered our purse cake in white fondant and I've decided to go with the zebra-stripe theme, so I've added some zebra stripes. Now what we're going to do is finish it off with a little zipper and a strap. I like to combine colors, so I'm gonna use pink for our zipper and I'm also gonna add just a little border along the bottom. I'll do that in pink as well. So you'll take a piece of pink fondant and you'll give that a little knead just to soften it out a little bit. We're going to add some cornstarch and sugar to our table. Now I'm going to try to get a long enough piece to go around the base, so I'm just going to try to roll this into kind of like a sausage; this way you get a longer roll. I'm gonna use my smaller roller. I'm gonna try to roll it out as long as I can get it. I just want to make sure it's even and all spots off, I can just rub a hand across it, and you'll actually feel where the fondant is a little higher. All right. I'm gonna go this out enough. And I'm gonna use my six-cutter, pizza cutter. Now, I don't want it too big, so I'm actually just gonna leave this close, and you wanna push as hard as you can, so it cuts it. This is great, because you'll get multiple straps in case it's not long enough, I can just add a piece. So I'm gonna try to find the longest piece. I'm gonna turn that over and I'm just gonna add a little water to the entire strap, and that's gonna help stick it onto my purse. All right. So you can decide where's gonna be the back, where's gonna be in front. Just in case it's not enough, we can add piece onto it. So, I'm gonna use this as my front and what we wanna do is just take the band, put it all the way to the bottom. I'm just gonna take your hand. And you wanna try to stop in the middle. So, I'm gonna bring this piece around, and you're going to take your fingers and push it in so it sticks in your cake and then you just take your little knife, I can use this tool, and dent it, and just cut it. Maybe I have to add just a little water in some spots where it's not sticking, and there you have a band for the bottom. Now I'm gonna use one of these same strips and I just wanna kinda create a little zipper that's gonna go right here in the middle. So, probably won't need more than that long, so I'll make a little dent with my fingers. I'll break it off right here. Now you can add as much as you like to this cake. It's up to you. This is another little tool that you can use for this purpose, also. If you want some squiggly lines at the end of your stripes, you can use this. In this case, I'm just gonna use it down the middle, so it'll make it look like it's a zipper. Then I'm gonna add some water. And I'm just gonna put this right here in the middle. That's gonna give the appearance that our purse has a zipper. What I want to do is just make the two little loops that you may see on a purse sometimes. So, just gonna roll a little piece of fondant that I have left over. Just gonna roll it out. And I'm just going to cut out a piece, make sure that they're, they're even. Even them out across the bottom. We can make these round, you can make these oval; it's up to you. I'm just gonna go over them real quick, just with this tool, just to oval them out and also just become a little flap here for the ends. Add a little water, just to the end part of it. I'll just stick that on right here, towards the bottom. So, we've added the two flaps to our zipper, our purse is almost done, next we're gonna add the handle."

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