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How to Add Eyes to a Ladybug Cake for a Kids' Party

Learn how to make a ladybug cake for a kids' birthday party from Essential Cakes' Etwin Gordon in this Howcast video, part 7 of a 7-part series.


We've added our spots to our ladybug and now we want to give the ladybug some eyes and a little smile. So what we're gonna do is we're going to make some eyes for our ladybug and for that we can use the same tip that we used to give her her spots and we're gonna use some white fondant - some white fondant for her eyes. We'll add a little sugar to the table and we'll roll that out. Alright, so we've rolled out our fondant and we're gonna make her some eyes. And we use this little oval, it's a little oval cutter and we'll cut out 2 eyes and we'll just round that out just a little bit. I wanna just set that aside because you wanna just make sure that the eyes go in the right place. And before you do that you wanna pull a little black- just a little bit. You're gonna take just a very small piece and you're gonna roll it and you're gonna squeeze it so it rounds out and you're gonna just stick it right there on to the white fondant and that will give her some little pupils. Alright and now we're ready to attach her eyes and you're gonna add just little water then we're gonna give her an eye here and we'll give her another one right here. We wanna give our ladybug a little smile so we'll use this same tool and we'll just impression her a little smile right underneath her eyes. Just deep enough to make an impression but not to break the fondant. And then what we're gonna do is make 2 little pieces for the top of her head. Just gonna use a toothpick and I'm basically gonna break it in half. And then we're gonna take some black fondant. What you wanna do is just roll it into a log. What you wanna do is cut it in half. A little trick that I do is just take the toothpick. I'm gonna wet it, just a little bit of water. I'm just gonna push it into the fondant. I'm gonna close it in and then I'm gonna continue to roll it. Put it back on the table and roll it with both hands and so you get a nice even roll. You can break it off where the toothpick ends. I'm gonna do the other side so I make sure that they both match up in size. Alright now they both look about the same size and what you wanna do is break it off on one end and you wanna pull off just a little bit of black with the toothpick out so that you can stick this to the top of your ladybug's head. You can make this as long as you want. I'm just gonna break it off just a little bit and I wanna do the same thing with the other side. Just enough so that it can stick into her head and then we'll stick these in. so one will go here, and one could go about here. And there we go: our little ladybug. So we've given her a red body with some polka dots. We've given her some eyes and a cute little smile and 2 little head pieces. And now we have our lady bug.

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