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How to Make the Brim on a Baseball Cap Cake

Learn how to make a baseball cap cake for a kids' birthday party from Essential Cakes' Etwin Gordon in this Howcast video, part 5 of a 6-part series.


We've covered our baseball cap with some blue fondant, we've given it some decoration along the side, and we've added a nice little button on the top. So now what we wanna do is we wanna give it a ban on the bottom, give it a nice little brim, and then we gonna put a note on the front of it. For that I'm gonna roll out a piece of fondant, put a little extra corn starch and sugar in it, that helps to kinda stiffen it up a little bit so we can make our brim. Alright so you wanna roll that out, you wanna kinda leave this kinda thick cause we're gonna make a brim out of it. So what you wanna do is you wanna try to cut one side of it straight, and we're gonna put it up against the front of here just so we can kinda get a measurement of how big we want our brim. Now I'd like it to go from this line to this line so we can actually just put it up and then we can use this as a guide to kinda cut out a little brim. I'll mark it out first, and then we'll bring it around, and let's see how that works. Then we'll take our knife, and we'll cut it out. OK so now that we've cut that out, we'll even it out as we put it on there so we can make sure that it's nice and even. Now what you wanna try to do for this side is mark it out just a little bit, round it out so that it fits right into the cap. Hopefully this will fit. Just make sure that it's nice and even, and once that's good enough for you, what you can actually do to try to raise your brim just a little bit - you can just take a piece of foil and fold it up, and then you can actually just rest the brim on top of it, just so we can give it a little bit of height; but for today's purpose I'm just gonna leave it off and I'm gonna put it flat on the board. Now what you can do is you can take your decorating tool and you can just score some lines around it, so maybe gonna give it two lines, and try to keep it as even as possible. And we'll do one more. Alright, and then what I wanna do is just make a small band that's gonna go around the bottom. I'll use the remainder of the blue fondant, and we'll roll it into a little sausage so we can get a long piece out of it - and we'll use our cutter. I'm gonna leave it closed cause I want it that thick. And then I'm gonna just take a little water and I'm just gonna go around the bottom so that it can stick. And I'm just gonna take one of the longest ones, which is just gonna go around the bottom, and you can just push it in with your hand, and it can end right where the crease is, in the back. Alright our hat is almost done, we just need to add a name to it.

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