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How to Cover a Princess Doll Cake with Fondant

Learn to make a princess doll cake for a kids' birthday party from Essential Cakes' Etwin Gordon in this Howcast video, part 2 of a 6-part series.


We've taken our dome cake, which we're going to use for the bottom of our princess dress, and we're just going to add a little icing and I'm going to add a nice... a little smooth coat. It doesn't have to be too thick of icing, just to smooth it out. And right now that we've got this smooth enough, we're going to roll our fondant. For that, again, you can choose any color you want to. I've chosen to use white, and I'm going to give her some pink decorations. So we're going to roll out our fondant. Again, we're going to add a little corn starch and sugar, that's going to help to keeping the fondant from sticking onto the table. Now, a little trick that I like to do no matter what cake I am doing, I'd like to take my cakethis way I know that I rolled out enough fondant and I'll just take a tape measuring, you can take a piece of string, it really doesn't matterand I'll kind of estimate it. In this case I want the dress to go from the board to the other side of the board. So I'm going to need about sixteen inches in full diameter so that we can get a nice covering on her dress. All right. Now what I want you to do is knead your fondant and you want to roll it out so that you get a nice little ball. It's just like kneading flour dough. When you roll your fondant you want to try to do it like rolling a pizza dough. You want to keep it all round, so you'll going to want to turn your fondant every time you roll, so that you're kind of trying to get it to be a circle. So I'm just going to keep on rolling it. Now, how thick you want it, it's up to you. I used to try to get it maybe 1/4 of an inch thick. You can feel it too, with your hands, to see that you've gotten an even surface. Now I think that's good enough, so I'm going to just take the tape measure and kind of go all the way around, to make sure I've gotten 16 in all the way around. So that's just about good. Give it just another even little roll. Now, what you can do, is you can use your roller, and you can use that as your guide, to roll your fondant. Now I don't want to keep it like this too long because it'll dens-en it. And then you want to cover your cake. You want to make sure that it's even on both sides. Because when you pull it up, you get icing in it. So I'm just going to cover that, and I'm going to stretch it out to the length of the board, because I want to give her some nice pleats at the end of her skirt. So you can take the smoother, you can smooth it out on the top, and then, what I'm going to do is just I'm going to take my knife, and I'm going to cut it right at the edge of the board. Now, it doesn't matter if they are a little frizzy[?] because I want that, because I'm going to get the dress some pleats. We can go back and even it out when we're all done. And we're just going to cut it all the way around, all right, and we remove the excess fondant. And what you can basically do is, just take your finger and just create some pleats. You can stretch them longer, you can make them shorter... it's up to you! And you can just take your finger and just smoothen it out where it needs smoothing, smoothen up your pleats. All right, so, now that you have the base of your dress completed, we can go ahead and decorate."

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