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How to Cover a Baseball Cap Cake with Fondant

Learn how to make a baseball cap cake for a kids' birthday party from Essential Cakes' Etwin Gordon in this Howcast video, part 3 of a 6-part series.


"We're in the process of covering our baseball cap cake and this is the fondant that I previously covered, you can check that video out on How To Color Fondant. And this should be enough to color our fondant. We're going to put some corn starch and sugar on our table and we're going to roll out our fondant. You'll always want to make sure when you're using colored fondant, unless the color needs to be dark, I would probably use ready made colored fondant. If it's a light color, you know, then it will work out pretty well, you can do it the day before, wrap it in plastic as I did, and you should be fine the next day.
And we're going to roll it out so we can get a nice covering on our baseball cap. So this should be good enough to cover our baseball cap. We'll get it from the refrigerator and we'll cover our baseball cap.
We've taken our baseball cap out of the refrigerator and now we're ready to cover it with fondant. I'm going to measure, just to make sure I've rolled it out big enough. I'm going to need about thirteen inches on that. It looks like we have enough. I'm going to use my roller to apply my fondant. You just want to make sure that it's set right in the center so that both sides are covered. Just going to give it a little stretch and we'll take our smoother and we'll give it a nice round out.
Now you can decorate your baseball cap based on anything you'd like. I'm going to put our baseball, baseball boy's name on it today. I'm just going to smooth it out and we'll sink in that edge here so that we can cut it out. We'll use our knife cutter and cut it right here on the seam. We'll take away this excess fondant. Here we have the beginning of our baseball cap cake and now we're going to put on the rest of the decorations and we'll be done. In the first sentence (this is the fondant I previously covered) I think she may have meant to say 'colored' instead of 'covered', but I typed what she said."

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