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How to Decorate a Princess Castle Cake with Flowers

Learn to make a princess castle cake for a kids' birthday party from Essential Cakes' Etwin Gordon in this Howcast video, part 7 of an 11-part series.


"Now that we've completed most of our castle cake and it's almost done, gonna just add some flowers to our vines. What we wanna do to get that done is just take a little piece of fondant -- I've chosen pink since we've already used pink for some of our decorations -- and we're just going to roll it out.

Ok, and once we've rolled it out flat, we're just gonna use one of these flower plungers, and this is going to give us some kind flowers that we can stick right onto our cake. So what you wanna do is, once you've rolled out your piece of fondant, you're gonna take your plunger, and you're gonna push it into the fondant, which is gonna grab a piece of fondant, and then you're gonna use the plunger and you're just gonna place the flowers wherever you wanna place them. And you can basically put on as many as you'd like. And we'll keep doing this on all four sides. We're using buttercream, so we don't need to use water to stick it on, but buttercream is what's gonna stick our flower on. And we are done!

So we've tiered our cake, we've added some grass and some windows and a door, we've added some pillars, and we've added some veins [sic] and some flowers, and our princess is ready to celebrate her birthday."

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