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How to Add Grass to a Princess Castle Cake for a Kids' Party

Learn to make a princess castle cake for a kids birthday party from Essential Cakes' Etwin Gordon in this Howcast video, part 10 of an 11-part series.


We've put our castle together and we've added a couple of cool decorations to it and now what we wanna do is we wanna add some grass. So I've made some green, uh, butter cream and we're just gonna go around the bottom and this portion of our cake and we're gonna make some grass. And we can just use this little grass tip. It has about ten holes or so in it so when you pull up on your icing it'll look like grass. So we're gonna go around all four sides and we're gonna go put some grass on our cake. You can apply the grass as much as you'd like. You can put some in you know a little further up, can put some a little further out. It's up to you. Ok, now that we've done the top the bottom portion we're gonna work on the top. And the top you may just wanna apply a little thicker so you can cover the separation here of the cakes. There are lots of ways you can decorate your castles. You can maybe buy some little princesses and just add them around the sides of your cake. Alright. So we've added our grass and now I'm gonna add a couple of lines to our cake and we'll make some flowers and then we'll be done.

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