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How to Decorate the Towers on a Princess Castle Cake

Learn to make a princess castle cake for a kids' birthday party from Essential Cakes' Etwin Gordon in this Howcast video, part 8 of an 11-part series.


"How to Make a Princess Castle Cake/Prepping the Fondant

We've gotten our castle cake all put together and we're ready to decorate, so here are a couple of options in decorating our castle cake. These are some little towers that we're going to use and we're just going to stick these on the sides of our cake. You can purchase this at any craft store or any cake decorating store. It comes in a complete set, all different sizes. This is the part that goes on top and you can decorate these just about any way you'd like. There are doors and there are some windows. So we're ready to decorate our cake. I'm going to use these pieces for our decorations. The set also comes with some cutouts and you can use some fondant that you learned about earlier, and you can make little pieces, and you use this as your guide, cut your fondant out this exact shape and you basically wrap it around this piece, and what you end up with is this and we're going to decorate these. What I'm going to do is I'm just going to use some icing and I'm just going to lightly ice the outside because this is going to help our decorations to stick on. Now that we've got our piece iced, I just put them in a container and you can even do it by hand or you can just take it and you can dip it so that the icing collects all the sugar and when you're done, you end up with this, and we're just going to put this back here and then we'll do all four, and then we'll start decorating our cake."

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