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How to Rod a Princess Castle Cake for a Kids' Birthday Party

Learn to make a princess castle cake for a kids' birthday party from Essential Cakes' Etwin Gordon in this Howcast video, part 5 of an 11-part series.


"How to Make a Princess Castle
Etwin Gordon
So we've iced both of our cakes for our castle cake and the
next step you want to do is rod you're cake. This is a that will
prevent you're top cake from falling or sinking into you're bottom
cake. What you're going to need is at least four rods, about a
quarter of an inch thick, wooden rods. These are great supports
to hold up you're cake. Then we'll need an edible marker and also
a sharpener and of course you'll need some sort of cutting shear
or clippers to cut the rods because these are wooded all the way
What you want to do is, it's a six inch cake I'm using for the
top, I'm just going to use this six inch buoy just so I can score
out exactly where I'm going to put my rods so it will hold up my
top cake. I'm going to place this here temporarily. Right in the
middle of our bottom cake and then I'm going to use a knife to go
around the four sides and score the icing a little bit. This is
going to help me find the perimeter where I'm going to place my
rods. Now what want to do is at least put four rods in when you're
doing a six inch cake. Put one in each corner, this will help
hold up our top cake. Take an edible marker and mark it right
on the very top of where the icing is to the rod. We're going to
do each one. It doesn't matter if this gets on the icing because
it's edible.
Now what we want to do is cut each one of them. Then stick it
back into our cake. Now that we have all four done, it's time to
add our top cake to our bottom. You will need a regular or straight
spatula to pry the top cake off the board. Then set it down using
the lines that we made earlier as our guide. That's going to put
it right on top of the four rods that we've put in."

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