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How to Stabilize a Princess Castle Cake for a Kids' Party

Learn to make a princess castle cake for a kids' birthday party from Essential Cakes' Etwin Gordon in this Howcast video, part 6 of an 11-part series.


Now that our cake has been rodded, I'm gonna add one more rod, and this is just gonna keep our whole cake in place. We're just gonna take one of the other halves of the rods that we've used. It's about good in height, and by the time I've sharpened it, it'll come down just a little bit; and we're just gonna sharpen it with a regular pencil sharpener. Right, so once we've gotten a nice little point, and it's free from any extra little pieces of wood, we're just gonna wanna place this right here in the centre of the top. I like to use a hammer, just to get the second rod, cos there is a board separating them. So we're just gonna hammer this in. Now that we've got our rod in, that's gonna hold up our entire cake. Just gonna add just a little icing, just to cover the little hole that's here on the top. Alright, and now that our cake has been stacked, we are ready to decorate.

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