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Jurassic Park The Game Walkthrough Episode 1 - The Intruder - Part 1

Check out part 2 and beat Episode 1: "The Intruder" of Jurassic Park: The Game with this online demo of the third-person adventure .


Jess: Yeah, it's a great view, but where are the dinosaurs?

Gerry: There should be Triceratops out there. Sometimes they're kind of hard to spot.

Jess: Oh yeah?

Gerry: Where'd you get those?

Jess: These?

Gerry: Yeah, those.

Jess: That guy gave them to me. Your boss, John Hammer or whatever. He likes me.

Gerry: That was generous of him.

Jess: Yeah. I see jungle and stuff, but no dinos.

Gerry: Just look around, you'll find them.

Jess: Hey, there's a zoom thingy. I see a... oh, never mind. It's a rock. I see a rock. Hey, there's a dinosaur shaking that tree! Ah forget it, just some birds. Can we go down there and see the dinos up close?

Gerry: When I worked in San Diego, did I let you into the tiger enclosure?

Jess: That was totally different. Besides, I was only, like, seven.

Gerry: Right. And you scared the daylights out of me.

Jess: There's a car down there.

Gerry: Must be Hammond's visitors. He's go some hotshot paleontologists here to see the park.

Jess: I bet they get to see some dinos up close. What's that yellow flower? It's kind of like mom's bird of paradise only, you know, healthy.

Gerry: Sounds like Heliconia. We imported them from the mainland to brighten up the place.

Jess: There's a pile of, like, brown stuff. Is that...?

Gerry: Probably. And that would tend to indicate a dinosaur in the area.

Jess: I'm thinking more like 10. What's that little bunker building?

Gerry: Just a maintenance shed.

Jess: For dinosaurs that need repairs?

Gerry: Yeah, sure. We like to keep them tuned up, you know.

Jess: Wouldn't it be, like, educational if I stuck around here another day or two?

Gerry: You know, I think your mom might miss you a bit.

Jess: Are you kidding me? She'd be, like, totally happy.

Gerry: Oh, come on. No, she wouldn't.

Jess: Yeah, she would. You guys have more flowers here than dinosaurs.

Gerry: Yeah, but they're good-looking flowers, right?

Jess: Wait... wait, I definitely see one! Aw... He just ran away.

Gerry: Actually it's a she, they're all female. So which way did she go?

Jess: There's a bunch of, like, dinosaur footprints around that plant.

Gerry: Our Triceratops are big fans of banana leaf. They're probably nearby.

Jess: How come you fence in the nice dinosaurs?

Gerry: It's safer for them and safer for us. Herbivores can be dangerous too.

Jess: The footprints go in the stream.

Gerry: Sure, the Triceratops went in for a dip. She must have come out somewhere.

Jess: There's footprints coming out of the stream.

Gerry: You're on the right track.

Jess: Okay, I see her. Wait, there's a bunch of them. Oh, awesome, they're fighting. I totally wanted to see this!

Gerry: Well actually it more of a dominance display that a fight. You remember how Patchie was when your mom got that new puppy? Lady Margaret's like that with the younger Triceratops.

Jess: Seriously? Lady Margaret?

Gerry: Yep, that's what we call the Alpha. See those horns? They're more than three feet long.

Jess: Good for fighting T. Rex, right? When do we get to see that?

Gerry: That's not going to happen. I'm busy enough without holding gladiator fights. Which reminds me... remember I said I've got a sick Triceratops to check on? I should get going. I'll drop you at the guesthouse.

Jess: Really, already?

Gerry: It'll give you some time to pack your stuff. The boat leaves tonight, remember.

Jess: I don't have any stuff. I practically just got here.

Gerry: Well, at least you got to see Triceratops fight.

Jess: Actually, it was more like a dominance display.

Gerry: Smart ass. Come on, let's go. Let's hope for clear skies tonight. No fun on that boat when the waves are rough.

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