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Jurassic Park The Game Walkthrough Episode 1 - The Intruder - Part 2

Check out part 3 and beat Episode 1: "The Intruder" of Jurassic Park: The Game with this online demo of the third-person adventure .


Miles: I told you, Nedry isn't here! Fat bastard is probably stuck in a doorway somewhere!

Don't worry about it plan B is ready. I have plan B right here.

Nedry's not going to double-cross us. The money's too good.

No, she doesn't know your name. She doesn't know anything she doesn't need to know. What, you think it matters?

Hey, guess who's on the line? It's Dodgson! I got Dodgson here! She doesn't care!

Come on. My contact's going to be here any minute.

Nima: Does InGen know you stole their jacket?

Miles: This is a covert op. I got to blend in.

Nima: Yeah, so what about me?

Miles: Just, uh, follow my lead.

Nima: What's in the photo?

Miles: This? This is what's going to make us both rich. It's what we're here to collect.

Nima: Shaving cream.

Miles: Uh-huh, sure. Shaving cream.

Nima: Doesn't your shaving cream have a time limit?

Miles: Just relax. Chances are Nedry's going to show up at the last...

Intercom: All passengers and crew, please board the vessel. We'll be casting off shortly.

Miles: Sonofa! Okay, I guess we're going in after him. If anyone stops us, show them this...

Nima: What's the problem?

Miles: We need access passes to get past security. Dammit, Dodgson! I got to make a phone call to an idiot. Don't let anyone see you. Without those passes, we're cooked.

Miles: I've looked in the envelope. I've checked it twice. I'm telling you, they are not in there.

You and your ridiculous code names. Hang on.


Nima: We should get going.

Miles: Yeah, well, we can't get going without access passes. Dodgson?

Look, I'm trying to find out what happened to our passes.

Nima: Pesado. Just keep thinking about the money. Only one reason to do this job. But it's a good one.

Where do they keep them?

"Osprey?" Que Inepto!

We're not going back on that ship.

Marquitta, stay warm tonight.

Miles: That's great thanks a lot very helpful!

Well, we're hosed.

Nima: Maybe not.

Miles: What do you mean?

Nima: I got the guard's phone number. Call him and keep him busy.

Miles: What, then you sneak past and I stay here? That's not going to work.

Nima: No, baboso, I can get us the access passes.

Miles: Fine. What should I tell him?

Nima: Just keep him talking.

Miles: Ah, hi, yes, I'm calling from payroll. We've lost some data here, and it's a bit of an emergency. I need you to give me some information.

Guard: Oh no, like I said I worked the morning shift, but that was only as a...

Miles: Yeah, but hold on, there's one more... Hey! I thought you said... Oh! Okay that was good but...

Hey, hold on a second. You work for me, remember? That means I call the...

Guard: Hold on there! You can't go that way.

Miles: Hello there! Hi! We have passes!

Guard: Well that's good, but this is a storm evacuation. all non-essential personnel need to leave the island. You need to get on that boat.

Miles: Yes! I mean I, I have some, some essential...

Guard: Who are you with?

Miles: I'm, I'm with you! I'm new!

Guard: What about her?

Miles: She's with maintenance. Go ahead tell him.

Nima: Pest control. You have a pest problem.

Guard: Ain't that the truth. You going to solve it in the middle of a storm? What kind of pests are we talking about, anyway?

Nima: There are snakes in the plumbing. It is very bad when there's a storm.

Guard: What's with the machete?

Nima: Let's go.

Miles: Maybe you're worth what we're paying you after all.

At least the rain's easing up. Ow! InGen should've paved this whole island.

Nima: InGen should never have come here.

Miles: What?

Nima: Step back, Mr.Chadwick.

Miles: What, you don't like my aftershave?

Nima: I don't want any accidents. The jungle's dense here.

Miles: What are we stopping for?

Nima: Don't rush me.

Andale Pues! What is this monstruosidad? InGen is ruining the island! Is it so important to keep people out?

Miles: It's more about keeping things in. No, just it's, it's just, it's sort of like a zoo. You know what I mean?

Nima: A zoo? For what?

Miles: Don't worry about it. There's nothing, you know, dangerous in there. Just find a way through!

Nima: The lights off.

Miles: Hey, I bet that means the power's out! Right?

Nima: Maybe.

Miles: Yeah, yeah for sure! Ladies first!

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